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I have been in some kind of business since I was 8 years old. Everything about the exchange of services, products, and ideas with money has always fascinated me. Like many other people before me, some of my ventures have failed, and others have thrived.

When I realized that my businesses were judged in a split second based on the first image that was presented, a fire was lit inside of me. I have spent thousands of hours and dollars learning how to make images that connect well designed products to their intended audience.

Little Sun Hat

Founder & Designer

I started this company after my fourth son was born in 2013. Since then Little Sun Hat has been a favorite product of modern mothers and featured in Vogue UK, Babiekins, and Pregnancy and Newborn Magazines.

The Kaiser's Wife


Embraced by the gorgeous Enchantments in the Bavarian themed township of Leavenworth, Washington is a curated market that pops up in the second weekend of May. I co-founded this market and wish to connect makers and artists to their intended customers.

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