Kara Meloy
Project Director, Hybrid Photographer, Wife & Mama

Telling someone about yourself is always a bit weird isn't it?

When we get the chance to sit down together and get to know each other this will be easier, but until then here are a few things you might like to know.

I am a photographer + creative director, and my heart beats for true love and families. I see the world through rose hued lenses, and love a good love story.

I'm often up late in the night obsessing over commercial storytelling via brand image, and connecting designers with their customers in a truer, more meaningful way.

I do not have an ideal client (all my clients are ideal) and when you look through my work and feel connected to the story, chances are you're one of those people.

A few more details: I am married to a tall handsome man and mother to our four little guys. There are a lot of dad jokes and unexplained sticky surfaces in my home!

I am obsessed with well designed things, well prepared food, and well told stories. I'd love to tell yours!

I limit my wedding commitments to a few per year to make sure I provide marvelous service and imaging. Investments for elopements start at $2,500, weddings at $5,500, and other family milestones at $1,200. I give high quality prints with every project I photograph, because I believe you should hold your photos in your hands and we should never part ways with just an online gallery or a flash drive. Start a conversation below to receive a quote about working with me.


And so the adventure begins...