Why invest in Brand Photography

Investing in photography for your business and brand for the first time or with a new photographer often feels like a leap of faith. Many businesses start with a lot of elbow grease and DIY and often this carries over to one of the most important elements of your new brand: photography and imaging.

Investing in professional photography is key in creating and showing the value of your product. 

Photography is a powerful tool that facilitates brand awareness that naturally leads to customer loyalty. Bad photography is an expensive mistake that can cost you sales, and hurt your prospects for future growth. I know this firsthand, as I have struggled with mediocre photography for my company, Little Sun Hat. I wasted many hours and tears with a boot-strap mentality that stunted the growth of my company. 

After I hired out a few rounds of professional photography, I finally started to see success in revenue. Little Sun Hat's conversion rate went from .5% to 3.5% in 6 months (and continues to rise still), and I began to see quality traffic growth that leads to a profitable bottom line. I attribute this all to professional photography that elevated the value of my children's headwear product.

Hear me now, the price and marketing style of my product didn't change. But the perceived value of the offered product changed with professional imaging and better brand positioning. 

The investment in branded photography was worth every penny, and I wish I would have started my company knowing this. I now still collaborate with stylists and photographers on Little Sun Hat imaging because I know bringing in others with similar vision boosts my brand and the quality of customer.

I am thankful for the struggle that lead me to find that I LOVE commercial photography. It was not all for nothing as I have spent years learning photography and began working on other brands images and learning from other photographers. For me, this lesson was very valuable although expensive, and I'm glad my company survived the blunder years of my learning. But now I know I can save another business from making this costly mistake, and starting with a strong foot forward.

Professional branded photography is extremely important for a business's bottom line and can mean the difference of profit versus loss. 

Build a Better Brand

Designing or Redesigning a brand often involves:

  • research
  • naming & tagline development
  • brand strategy
  • design or restyling of logos, typography and color palettes
  • visual language and photography style design
  • collateral design
  • packaging design
  • stationery design
  • brand identity guidelines
  • digital asset management systems design

Reasons to Invest in Brand Photography

To Charge a premium for your products or services

To keep your brand fresh.

Your business is expanding.

Adds value to your business.