Everything Your Dream Customer Wants You To Know, But They Don’t Know How To Tell You

Here’s what your dream customer wants you to know, but they don’t know how to tell you.


They want it in their size. They want it in their preferred color. And they want it fast.

We all love that big store with the red bullseye because we can get almost everything we want with a push of a cart and a snap of the wrist. We often find several other items we didn’t even know we wanted just by spending a few minutes just having a walk around the items falling easily into the cart seemingly of a mind of their own. Ooof, funny how convenience end up introducing us to new exciting things.

Simplify the process of hiring you or purchasing your product. Don’t hide your inquiry button or buy now links behind pages of content. They want to buy, and they want to buy now.

A Personal Connection

No, they don’t want to know how often you floss your teeth, but they do want to know that you drink the same kind of coffee they drink and like to travel to places they visit (or plan to visit).

Your customer doesn’t want all business all the time from you, they want to see what you’re into. Are you quiet and shy, or brave and bold? Share that part of yourself with your customers. You don’t have to look or talk like everyone else, just be yourself. But who am I, you say? You are you, and that is your power. No one else is like you, so just be yourself. The funny thing about people is that we tend to seek each other, and we always find our tribe.

Quality Product

Basically, no explanation needed. Make good things, and your customers will return again and again. Make something that breaks easily or has a slow customer service experience and it’s an uphill battle to winning favor with your dream customers from the start. Whatever you are making, make sure it’s good and needed.

To Be Inspired

A brand I have been working with over this last year realized that their most engaging content circled around one particular model with amazing wild strawberry blond hair. We saw that images posted with this models hair blowing in the wind and golden sunshine had a higher engagement and so many comments about how amazing her hair is. I had the brilliant idea of creating more hair-spiration with this model to foster an ongoing portal of customer connection. To this day, hairdressers and home stylists alike are excited to be inspired by a new tip or trend, even though this type of content doesn’t really have anything to do with what the company is selling.

Tip: Pay attention to what your most engaging content has been so far, and give them more of it.

For Problems To Be Fixed

Real talk: brands and companies are still mostly run by humans. And humans mess up sometimes, heck we still make technology that breaks down sometimes. The worst thing you can do is to not take charge when something goes wrong. Problems will not go away if you ignore them.

Thankfully most people are kind and understand when they know you’re working to make the wrongs right again, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Just pay attention to the details, it’s not personal and you’re not a failure when problems arise. Just send an email with a solution, it’s as easy as that.

For You To Succeed And Stay True To Your Story

“I knew her when…” is what every customer wants to say about you and your work! You have a host of people around you wanting to see you succeed and tell everyone they know about your product/service before you made it. It’s social currency and when you succeed it validates their loyalty and good taste. Celebrate your milestones and tell your community when you’re winning!

Tip: lift your neighbor up as you rise. Even if they don’t know the gift it is. As they say, as rising tide lifts all boats.

Bonus: price isn’t everything.

I invested in a pair of vintage Chanel boots for a brand photoshoot for my company. I bought them because Chanel is a brand that speaks to my heart and they made me feel beautiful and there’s power in feeling beautiful. Your dream customers are searching for you and wanting invest in you AND your product/services. Because they know quality work and are brand loyal, you have power and the right to charge what you’re worth and make money.

Tip: knowing your worth is the first start to investing in your best work. Let me explain…


As a photographer and producer, I don’t get hired because I get lucky and just make pretty pictures, I’m hired because I make creative decisions that match a collection of products to the intended customer, by telling a clear story.

As far as luck goes, I’m lucky to do something I love for a living. I’m also a wife and a mom who thinks magic and dad jokes are just a couple of the best things in life.