Featured Photography Work for Heirloom Apparel

I have been incredibly lucky to work with people who make things. They design and sew, they craft stunning jewelry, knitters with lightning fast hands, and makers who throw pottery that foodies and candle makers fill with goodness.

And now an artist. She hikes all over her hometown hills and paints the terrain and wildflowers. She spreads body positivity and encourages her customers to “wear whatever the heck you want, there are no rules!”

Shelby Campbell of Wenatchee Washington, teaches Art at Wenatchee Valley College two days a week. When she’s not wandering the foothills of the Cascade Mountains with her husband, sketchbook and camera in hand, she’s painting, screen printing, and designing unique and forward trend jewelry.

When we were planning her brand photoshoot, we both realized that she needed to be the model for her newest collection. I mean, with her hair and bubbly personality, how could we consider anyone else?! Enjoy this sneak peek of Heirloom Apparel and Shelby’s newest collection. The new items she’s wearing will be available in the coming weeks!