Mama in Bloom: Kara

June 15, 2018

There is something enchanting about a woman about to give birth. A peacefulness that prepares her for the unknown road ahead.

In my series celebrating mamas in bloom, I walk with new mothers and photograph them before they welcome a fresh baby into their arms and homes. We talk about what it will be like to trade a lovely bump for a tiny newborn and what it means to fully bloom into motherhood. We laugh about the unexpected and surprising ways our bodies perform during and after labor, and we affirm in our hearts confidently the safety and health of both mama and sweet babe.

Here is Kara, a first time expecting mama who shares my name. What fun to plant her in the hills surrounding our hometown and just enjoy the golden sunlight and soft wind blowing her hair into tangled waves. Her husband Saun, tried his hardest to keep his hands to himself, but I thought it was incredibly sweet how he gently handled her. He just couldn’t help himself as he arranged her hair, caressed their baby in belly, and held her arm as she walked along the hillside. What a sweet guy!


If you’re expecting and would like to document this special time, I would love to be your photographer! Get in touch with me and lets make a plan!