Telling someone about yourself is always a bit weird.

When we get the chance to sit down together and get to know each other this will be easier, but until then here are a few things you might like to know. 

I am a commercial photographer + creative director and have been in love with everything fashion since I cut my barbie's hair and made her a new wardrobe when I was six years old. She loved it by the way. 

My heart beats for storytelling via brand image, and connecting designers with their customers in a truer, more meaningful way. 

I want my work to challenge the commercial advertising industry and give a voice to authentic designers making products not just for increased revenue but creating useful items that matter most and last the longest. I do not have an ideal client (all my clients are ideal) and when you look through my work and feel connected to the brand story, chances are you're one of those people. I would truly love to tell part of your story.

A few more details, I am married to a tall handsome man and mother to our four little guys. There are a lot of dad jokes. 

I own a children's headwear company called Little Sun Hat, and yes, I've put my boys in bonnets. 

I am obsessed with well designed things, well prepared food, and well told stories.

Images courtesy of Nicole Conner

A highly engaged entrepreneur with fresh ideas and a modern minimalistic vibe, Kara Meloy is a creative soul with a profound work ethic. Always inspiring and constantly creating.
— Nicole Conner, Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer