Carlson Family

April 10, 2018


Wenatchee, Washington

As a mother myself, I have to admit that I have a special love for families and other mothers. I know what it’s like to not want to miss a moment of a precious babyhood and watching that baby turn into a little, then a big kid, and knowing that adolescence is right around the corner and young adulthood will come dancing in right after that. I know that I have maybe 10 good years left of direct mothering. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time.

I saw that mother-kinship in Danielle’s eyes when we met for her family session on a small Castle Rock hiking trail in Wenatchee, Washington. I saw how she carefully selected everyone’s outfits, and how excited the kids were as they spilled out of the family car. I spied her husband gently hold her elbow while she navigated the narrow trail as if Danielle were his queen. And how their oldest son carried the baby most of the way, making the sweetest cooes and getting giggles only a brother bond can. The middle two raced along the trail as fast as their legs could carry them. I could tell that this family was something special.

We walked and chatted about homeschool, and wrapped their little guy in my jacket when the wind picked up. Danielle kissed her husband, and the kids didn’t even mind. They must kiss in front of the kids often, which I found so sweet.

Danielle is also a photographer, and after having her babies she took a little break from her art. Her husband, knowing that photography was important to her, surprised her with a new camera. She sees women how they really are: strong, beautiful, captivating, sensual, and she her camera is a mirror for them. I am lucky to know Danielle and her family, and honored to photograph them.