Mama in Bloom: Sarah

April 15, 2018


Wenatchee, Washington

There is something enchanting about a woman about to give birth. A peacefulness that prepares her for the unknown road ahead.

In my series celebrating mamas in bloom, of which Sarah is the first, I walk with new mothers before they welcome a fresh baby into their arms and homes. We talk about what it will be like to trade a lovely bump for a tiny newborn and what it means to fully bloom into motherhood. We laugh about the unexpected and surprising ways our bodies perform during and after labor, and we affirm in our hearts confidently the safety and health of both mama and sweet babe. I’m confident Sarah is going to be the Queen of her little tribe of men, and lead them with the grace and strength that only comes from a mama’s heart.

Sarah stands in the sun with grace and glows with a kind of beauty that only comes from the anticipation of new birth. Her hair gently braided and soft smile ready, she wore a Dwell and Slumber gown and a eucalyptus floral crown. She embodied Earth Mama like the army of expectant women have for centuries before her. I was honored to spend this evening with Sarah, in an open field in Wenatchee Washington and celebrate the upcoming birth of her third son, Jack. Sarah has done this before, and she knows that there are sleepless nights and she has prepared her family for the inevitable adjusting to a newborn’s needs.