Frequntly Asked Questions About Look Books



Why do I need a Look Book?

Very much like a photographer's portfolio, a Look Book is for designers and brands to showcase their upcoming or current collections. A cohesive well designed Look Book aids the wholesale buying process and help keep the intended vision of the brand preserved.


Who is a Look Book for?

Printed and digital Look Books are for sharing a Brand's story and products with their wholesale customers, and sometimes retail customers. Having a Look Book ready to preview for wholesale buyers especially helps in the early buying season as this is usually done months in advance of the collection being available to the public consumers. For fashion industries knowing what the products will look like and how to best market the upcoming products before they are ready to be sold makes a Look Book the best tool to have on hand when a buyer asks.


Can you make a Look Book for my new collection?

Of course! Just reach out to me and we can design your Look Book after your photography is completed.