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Hi There, I’m Kara!
Creative Project Director, Hybrid Photographer, Wife & Mama

Telling someone about yourself is always a bit weird isn't it?

When we get the chance to sit down together and get to know each other this will be easier, but until then here are a few things you might like to know.

I am a digital & film hybrid photographer + creative director, and my heart beats for true love and families. I see the world through my rosey-hued lenses, and I love a good love story.

I'm often up late in the night obsessing over commercial storytelling via brand image, and connecting designers with their customers in a truer, more meaningful way.

I do not have an ideal client (all my clients are ideal) and when you look through my work and feel connected to the story, chances are you're one of those people.

A few more details: I am married to a tall handsome man and mother to our four little guys. There are a lot of dad jokes and unexplained sticky surfaces in my home!

I am obsessed with well designed things, well prepared food, and well told stories. I'd love to tell yours!

The Way I See It
Photography has changed me. I see things differently than I used to. Light has become a fifth dimension and all it encompasses fascinates me.



Booking & Availability
NOW BOOKING FOR 2018 & 2019!
If you are considering me for your day or would like to find out more about my work, then please get in touch as I would love to hear your plans!
I like to photograph each moment from an authentic, candid perspective and simply enjoy the day with you, whilst capturing all of the details that will make your project or wedding so unique and personal to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our session is coming up and I don't know what to wear! Can you help guide me on personal style? I don't want to make a '90s denim mistake, haha.


Heck yes. Fashion and personal style is my first love, and I have a few tips up my sleeve to help you feel like yourself and look your best. I can help steer you to colors and silhouettes that suit you. It's kinda my favorite thing before we start shooting, actually. ;)


We are planning our wedding to take place in Zion later this year, do you travel? If so, what are your traveling costs?


Lucky for you Zion is on my bucket list! I customize and calculate each of my projects on a case by case basis, and sometimes I can reduce my travel because I have family nearby I can stay with or your date and location might work out piggy-back-style with another project I'm working on. Lets chat about your wedding in Zion and see what we can work out.


I'm looking for lifestyle and product imaging for my brand. Are you my girl?


Hey, yeah! Thinking about brand story and imaging keeps me up at night. I live to connect people and brands who care about them and telling their story is a huge part of the puzzle. I work from my home studio, as well as travel for commercial projects. Lets make something beautiful together.